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Own the Game - Top 5 moves to master in Padel

Jul 21, 2021

Own the Game - Top 5 moves to master in Padel

While the racket sport known for its simplicity is easy to get into, you still have to work hard to polish your technique in order to reach peak Padel performance. Here are the moves to master before you can level up on the court.


Use the serve to start the point - you don’t need to get fancy here, just keep it simple. If you want to put a spin on the ball, stay easy and focus on accuracy. Hit through the ball, flat and with a slight slice. Don’t forget to move quickly towards the net after your serve.

Avoid serving while standing close to the glass. Doing so can make your ball hit the glass across the court, allowing it to bounce out more and making it easy for your opponent to return.

Additionally, running back from the glass to the net after your serve, leaves a great opportunity for your opponent to return the ball out of your reach.


Get ready to return. From your standing position take your racket back as soon as you see your opponent hit the ball. Turn your shoulders  to face the side of the court and move your feet to step into a sturdy position. Swing the racket right below your hip and through the ball.



In Padel, you play a lob to get into net position. Try to hit a lob when you have a good shot. Make sure the ball makes contact with the underside of your racket, right in the middle. This ensures that your ball does not go far enough to hit the glass, but high enough to stretch your opponent, keeping them at the back, while you get to the net.


Part of the attack shots in Padel. Since the ball is coming at you fast, you want to ensure you’re positioned to send it back with precision. Hold the racket slightly further from your body with a strong and upright grip. From that position, turn the racket back with your shoulders, making sure your racket doesn’t go further back than your shoulders. Step forward with your left leg for forehand, forward with your right leg for backhand. Finally, block the ball, keeping your forearm and wrist strong. The aim is to use the force from the ball coming at you to rebound back.

Back glass

This is your go-to-move when your opponent has shot a lob you can’t attack. It gives you extra time to decide where to play. Turn to the glass and decide on your forehand or backhand. Aim towards the top of the glass and hit the ball with power - ensuring you lob it back to your opponent’s side of the court and over their heads. The key here is to aim high and with force.

If you’re in the Stockholm region, make sure to master these moves at the capital’s finest rooftop Padel club; NK Social & Padel by Ascaro. The chance to play with panoramic sky views as your backdrop is finally here.

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