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Padel Gear - The best kit for ultimate performance

Jul 21, 2021

Padel Gear - The best kit for ultimate performance

The concept of keeping it simple extends from the court to your Padel equipment and gear. Focusing on the right kit can make the sport more enjoyable and pave the way for a seamless win. Before working your way to accessories start with the basics. Here are the three most essential Padel pieces to ensure you strike, move, or return at your highest potential.


Start with good shoes. NK Social and Padel by Ascaro coach Samuel Schwieler swears by a great pair of shoes on the court. He says it’s part of the secret to success in any match. Not only do they prevent injury, but they’ll help you keep your feet moving and get you into positions quickly, safely and firmly. Look for sneakers with supportive cushioning and rubber traction to control turns and slides. They should come with a breathable fabric to allow for internal ventilation. Most importantly your Padel shoes should be flexible and shape your feet well, while providing ankle support. Your favorite footwear might start to feel like a second skin, but they won’t last forever - remember to replace them after 120 - 160 hours of use.



Your racket is just as vital as your shoes. You don’t have to get fancy here, you want something lightweight with a great grip. Make sure to get a racket that feels comfortable to you, as doing so will protect your body and ensure you play to your fullest potential.

As a beginner, it’s recommended to go with a round shape weighing less than 365 g with a max 38 mm thickness. The roundness gives you a better balance and grip, which means more control of the ball. The teardrop shape is great for intermediate players, as it offers a good balance between power and control - stick to a weight of 370 g, with 36 mm to 38 mm thickness. Advanced level players will choose a racket they’ve been accustomed to play with - most commonly they’ll go for a diamond shaped racket of 370 g with a thickness of 38 mm.


The right shorts can give you the agility you need to move quickly and improve your range of motion on the court. Opt for lightweight, breathable and quick drying fabric to help moisture management during high-impact matches. Shorts with front pockets provide convenient storage and slits on the sides give way for larger movements. Female players can additionally choose from “skorts” that come with inner shorts, providing easy storage for Padel ba

Investing in these three basic components will help you avoid injury and start you on the path towards victory. Test out your gear with a couple of high intensity matches at your local Padel club. If you’re in the Stockholm area head to NK Social & Padel by Ascaro and experience the city’s most high-spec courts among surrounding skyline views. Book your court today.

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