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Jose Carlos Gaspar named official coach at NK Social & Padel by Ascaro

Jul 21, 2021

Jose Carlos Gaspar named official coach at NK Social & Padel by Ascaro

From World Cup Champion to World Padel Tour Pro, we’re thrilled to welcome Jose Carlos Gaspar to the Ascaro family. Owning the court at age 23, the Spaniard has been on an upward trajectory, smashing international tournaments since his win at the Under 18 World Cup in 2015. Today, he’s based in Sweden and has joined Ascaro as one of our official coaches.

Rising from the sun-drenched courts in Spain, Gaspar’s track-record of achieving phenomenal results began at a very young age. At just 17 he represented Spain and won the Junior World Cup in Mexico, playing a thrilling game against Argentina in the final. He recalls this match as one of the most memorable to-date. Playing as a big team, and winning for the country “It was a championship for all and I felt very rewarded”. While his outstanding accomplishments gave him confidence, five years ago Padel was still reaching popularity in Spain. This made a career in the sport unclear, and his journey to education while training began. Jose Carlos graduated form University 1.5 years ago and is now fully committed to professional Padel.


His drive and passion has taken him across the globe to the Royal Family courts in Dubai, where he says, the overall interest in Padel is steadily growing. “The people of UAE trust in the Royals, which is why I think the interest will grow in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the same goes for Doha. I’m actually about to play a tournament with a player from Doha and they’re going to start making their own tournaments there.”

After a busy 2020, Jose Carlos has settled in Sweden and is calling it home. With an admiration for how fast the country has adopted the sport, Gaspar is positive about the future for Padel in his new environment. The potential in here is crazy. Sweden is starting to have really good players, it’s good to train with them. I think in the future more (professional) players will travel to Sweden. I also think Padel will become more global, right now it’s too focused on Spain and Sweden will be a good destination for players”. He believes Sweden has ideal conditions for Padel and it’s only a matter of time before more professional players will venture to Sweden.


The WPT player has high expectations for the country and they don’t stop there. Jose Carlos is inspired by our NK Social & Padel project and claims it’s one of the most exclusive clubs he’s seen yet. With its unique concept and prime rooftop location, Jose Carlos is positive the courts will be booked out for the entire season. Sweden has a lot of good clubs, but NK Social & Padel by Ascaro concept, is unique and exclusive - it’s a very good idea and it’s going to work well. There are four courts and NK Social & Padel is the only one currently in the city center.


Jose Carlos Gaspar kick’s off the season in May coaching at NK Social & Padel by Ascaro. Fitted out with four professional, high-spec courts, a full-service bar and stunning city views, our club serves you a world-class experience and a chance to train with the pros. Book your spot at Stockholm’s finest, most exclusive, rooftop Padel.

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