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Become a better player and train with Jose Carlos Gaspar

Jul 21, 2021

Become a better player and train with Jose Carlos Gaspar

You’ve heard it before, Padel has taken the sports industry by storm and most recently it’s been hailing Padel in Sweden. As a social sport, Padel is easy to get into and great to play friends. But if you’re looking to amp up your game, World Padel Tour player and NK Social & Padel coach, Jose Carlos Gaspar says it’s not that easy. The pro shares his approach on how to reach new heights and become a better player.

Introduce mindfulness.

When it comes to training, Gaspar focuses equally on his in-court fitness program, gym program as he does nutrition and mentality. It’s all about balance for Jose Carlos. Learning about mindfulness has been especially important as it's proven to improve his focus and helps him keep calm on the court. “I feel that if you calm the mind and learn how to control your thoughts, you have an advantage - especially on the court. In sports it’s very important to have the right mindset and to have knowledge of the mind.”.

Put in the hours, and then some.

While you may start out as a social player, you’ll need to put in the work if you want to get serious about Padel. A pro tip from Jose Carlos says you should play as much as you can and break down the game. Play the hours you can during the week and take additional lessons. Focus on mastering the small things, work on them through lessons, and play them in a match.

Take on the Bandeja!

The NK Social and Padel coach has noticed a similar trend among Swedish Players. According to Gaspar, the Bandeja is something Swedes are striving to ace and it’s something he also empathizes with. “I understand, because for me, it’s the most difficult hit in Padel. When you receive a lob you have to hit back from a high position and you have so many options on how to play it. So, it’s not that easy.”

Here’s how he does it:

1. It’s very important to signal the ball first. 2. Try to play the ball in front of you. 3. Ensure there’s enough space between your body and the ball.

Whether you’re looking to champion the bandeja, play a social match with friends, or take in the stunning rooftop views, we welcome you to NK Social and Padel by Ascaro. Train with Jose Carlos Gaspar and book one of our exclusive courts right in the heart of Stockholm City.

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