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A Quick Health Guide to Padel

Jul 22, 2021

A Quick Health Guide to Padel

A balanced combination of healthy tricks aimed at achieving peak performance in padel, and used by top athletes and coaches across the globe.

It’s no surprise that exercise is a crucial element in any sport, but there are many factors at play when it comes to actually reaching your highest potential. Padel is a game of strategy and requires focus and clarity - it also favors the quick, agile and strong. Which is why the next mix of ingredients are destined to amplify your skills ahead of your next match!


Like many sports your conditioning is key. The more control of your breath the easier it is to focus and make tactical moves. Try a couple of breathing exercises before walking onto the court and learn how to monitor your inhalations and exhalations. In a match, try inhaling before you swing and use your exhale to hit the ball. Continue your breathing pattern throughout the entire match for optimal results.


While playing padel is a great form of exercise, you’ll want to insure you stay just as active off the court. Building lean muscle through strength training can impact your performance by improving serving power and speed. If hitting the gym isn’t your idea of fun, try something that gets your heart pumping. Take it from NK Social & Padel by Ascaro coach, Samuel Schwieler; when he’s not sweating it out with his racket, he’s popping ollies at the skatepark. The idea is to stay active, increase stamina and develop strength outside of padel so you can enter the court with a wealth of power, ready to smash every ball.



A balanced diet is the golden ticket to health. In sports and particularly in padel, it’s vital to keep close tabs on your food choices. Going for whole foods over processed foods can boost your endurance and a focus on protein can encourage strength. During the game, it’s common to see Pro players reach for a banana to increase energy levels quickly. Dried fruit is also a favorite on the court, as it acts as a high energy carbohydrate. And don’t forget hydration, without water you stand a greater risk of injury and a reduced precision in your swings.


Professional players and athletes across all sports have incorporated meditation as part of their training regime. WTP player and NK Social & Padel by Ascaro coach, Jose Carlos Gaspar is an avid believer in the practice. He claims it helps him focus and allows him to play with control. Try sitting comfortably in a quiet space for ten minutes before a game. Let your thoughts go and focus on the breath. Adding a short meditation to your workout is set to take you further than you thought possible.

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