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The benefits of using overgrips

Jul 22, 2021

The benefits of using overgrips

Don’t let sweaty palms, sore wrists, tight elbows and stretched knuckles ruin your padel game. Instead, welcome a rubbery semi-adhesive layer that customizes your personal grip and gives you the fierce and sturdy strike of a pro.

Padel rackets today are limited in size and come with thick grips made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. They’re well padded and extend down the handle of the padel. Without them it would feel primitive to play padel today. That said, the standard grips aren’t a one-size-fits-all model. They can become uncomfortable for players with various hand sizes, causing pain and even injury.

An overgrip allows you to customize the padel handle to your own grip and gives you the freedom to strike safely and with full intensity and power. There are generally two types of overgrips available; one made of a tacky material to reduce slippage and the other is made primarily for sweat absorption. Both are great for customizing your grip, but the selection between the two is down to personal preference.

If you’re a player with larger size hands, it would be wise to use 2 -3 overgrips on your handle. A good rule of thumb is to never have your fingertips touch your palm while holding the racket. If they do, try adding another layer of overgrip until you get a comfortable space when clasping your hand around the handle. Ideally, you want to see about 1.5 cm of clearance between your fingers and palm.

These rubber tape-like bands can be used for an extended period of time, but while there isn’t an expiry date, you’ll want to be sure to change your overgrip frequently enough. After plenty vigors matches, the sweat of your palms seep through and over time, the grip itself is bound to start losing traction. Once the handle starts slipping through your hand, it’s time to change your overgrip. Another way to know when to swap out and re-grip, is when a not so pleasant odor has taken over the base of your racket. It’s important to let your racket airdry directly after every match in order to extend the life of your overgrip and avoid a grimy and musty game.

If you need help properly applying an overgrip to your racket, our coaches at NK Social & Padel by Ascaro in Stockholm are here to guide you. Book a court and bring your overgrip, we’ll show you a few tricks of the trade to get you the best hold possible. After your friendly match or practice, you’re welcome to let your racket air-dry; while taking in the rooftop views and enjoying an after-padel drink at our outdoor full service bar/restaurant.

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