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Lead with double dominance on the court

Jul 21, 2021

Lead with double dominance on the court

Players in sync are players who lead. There’s nothing stronger than motivation, passion and grit - multiplied by two. Absolute partner coordination drives dominance on the padel court.

Amateur players often start their dynamic partnerships in friendly matches. They work to make themselves better individually and miss out on truly understanding each other's style, technique and approach. However, in order to reach greater heights in padel, not only must you work on your own game but also your partner’s game. You need to learn their moves, understand their strengths and weaknesses, find out what motivates them and what discourages them. The more you become fully aware of each other's unique styles and characteristics, the better you’ll perform as a team.

Take it from the pros, who become incredibly unified with their partners and make it hard to distinguish the plays between the two. They work together to build a solid team approach and develop a system to exchange positive drives throughout a match. Completely in-tune with one another, they ensure they’re there for each other both on and off the 20x10.

It’s important to build a fundamental relationship and rapport with your padel partner as this will translate into an effective advantage in your game. Try socializing after a match or practice. Grab a bite or have a refreshing drink and chat about your game. Listen closely to your partner’s doubts and concerns. Hear them out what they think they could’ve improved on and offer your own support and suggestions. Highlight their strengths and ask them to do the same for you. Make a plan on how to improve on both sides - one player’s weakness might be another player’s power move.

Reinforcing one another in a way that strategically puts your team in attack positions is crucial to a winning duo. Verbalize positive feedback on the court and take losses as a team, never express negativity or show frustration on the court. Losing your cool signalizes trouble in paradise and gives your opponents an immediate boost of confidence. Let the encouragement shine between you and your partner and leave the constructive criticism for a post win drink.

Upgrade the synergy between you and your partner at our rooftop club; NK Social and Padel by Ascaro in Stockholm. Build and bond over a delicious after-padel bite with stunning views of Sweden’s capital.

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