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The best female couples of World Padel Tour 2021

Jul 21, 2021

The best female couples of World Padel Tour 2021

The top couples of the women circuit are neck and neck, aiming for the number one spot. Here’s a look at the winning teams conquering the female padel division.

Starting with Gemma Triay and Ale Salazar; a new couple this year and fiercely dominating World Padel Tour tournaments. Gemma ranks as the number one independently and Ale is closely behind her at number three. Combined they own the 2021 race with 1940 points and lead the couples realm as a powerful and incredibly synchronized team.

Marta Marrero and Marta Ortega or “Las Martas” as they’re officially referred to on the 20x10, are a blazing match. Also known as the “perfect combo” the two individually rank above the top ten, with Marrero at number five and Ortega ranked at six. Together in 2019, the Spanish powerhouse finished in the number one spot on the female circuit. After a break in 2020, the two have re-joined forces and are smashing it this season.

Another electrified and thrilling team to watch in pro tournaments is Paula Josemaría and Ariana Sánchez. Both young players are hungry and passionate and not afraid to show their prowess on the court. Paula, nicknamed “dynamite”, entered the 2021 season with new partner Ari, who ranks four among the 378 WPT pros. Currently the pair hold the number three position in the WPT 2021 Race and are making bold moves, as they aim for the top.

Lucia Sainz and Bea Gonzalez bring youth, strength and grit to the game. Sainz ranks at number two today and has taken her young partner under her wing. Born and raised in Barcelona, the Catalan crossed over from tennis six years ago. Lucia partnered with Bea for the 2021 season after a strong tenure with today’s number one, Gemma Triay. Gonzalez’s explosive padel career began a short two years ago. At 20 years old, Bea’s is known as the “youngest veteran” in padel and has quickly made a name for herself. Today, she owns the number nine spot on the WPT ranking.

A common thread among these tenacious teams is their solid partnership and rapport. The couples are fully synced and understand the importance of supporting one another, on and off the court. They cover each other's weaknesses and share an unwavering grit to succeed. With the WPT ranking updating weekly, the remainder season is set for an intense series of nail-biting matches.

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