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Best Male Circuit World Padel Tour Couples

Jul 21, 2021

Best Male Circuit World Padel Tour Couples

Before displaying complete synergy on the court the bond and camaraderie between padel partners must go to deeper levels. Some of the best World Padel Tour athletes are taking the lead in pairs with credit to their individual skill but also the tactical work it takes to cover and support each other's mental and physical weaknesses. Here are some of the best couples making top moves on the WPT.

Fernando Belasteguín and Sanyo Gutiérrez

Classed as one of professional padel’s top players, Fernando Belasteguín (Bela) is currently at 3rd place in the World Padel Tour ranking. Holding the number one spot for 16 years, this year he formed a new partnership with fellow Argentinian Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez (Sanyo). The two are a fearless match and there is no stopping their tenacity and grit. Sanyo stands fourth on the WPT ranking, with over 10,000 points this season so far. Winning the Cupra Vigo Open semifinals proves the pair are the definition of peak performance on the pro-tournament courts.

Pablo Lima and Agustín Tapia

They call him the Mozart of Catamarca. Known for his impossible shots, Agustín Tapia is a padel sensation. Holding the number eight ranking, he’s following his previous partner/mentor’s footsteps. Bela, 20 years, his senior became a father figure during their time on the court. 2021 has seen Agustin spread his wings and join forces with number six on WPT, Pablo Lima. The Brazilian has over 15 years of experience in padel and is also a former Belasteguín partner. Lima and Tapia are already making big moves on the WPT and set to make an even bigger name for themselves by the end of the season.

Francisco (Paquito) Navarro and Martín Di Nenno

Another new couple this year and firing up WPT tournaments is the Spanish and Argentinian team Paquito and Martin. The Spaniard takes the number five spot in the ranking and brings power and experience to this dynamic set. Joining the world of padel at just five years old, Paquito has played with some of the sport’s most influential athletes. Today, he’s partnered with the Buenos Aires-based professional and number 15 in the league. Di Nenno is a young new player who’s swiftly made a home among top-ranked WPT pros. The couple is smashing their way through the season and dominating their opponents, one tournament after the other.

Juan Lebrón Chincoa and Alejandro Galán Romo

The 90’s-born duo are on their second year, World Padel Tour trajectory and currently owning the number one spot. Alejandro Galán Romo is one of the number one players among the male circuit and with a consistent winning streak, it will take much more than skill to knock him out of position. Lebrón meets Galán on the number one spot with garnering the exact 14,790 points. Despite rumors, the couple have established a strong bond off the court which gives them great power on the 20 x10.

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