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Own the game - How to control the toughest Padel shots

Jul 21, 2021

Own the game - How to control the toughest Padel shots

Technique and strategy take you a long way in Padel. Not only should you master the sport’s toughest shots, but learning when to play them and committing to your decision on the court is essential. The most challenging shots require both skill and insight.

The smash

Padel’s power shot. This is by far the most powerful, giving you the chance to win the point. The trick is to decide when it’s best to go with a smash, as playing it at the wrong time, leaves an opening for your opponent to attack.

Avoid going with a tennis style smash, Padel rackets don’t provide the same force as a tennis racket and since the walls are also in play - your opponent can easily respond back by playing off the wall. Be selective and only smash when you’re in the most optimal position, ideally when you're close to the net.

La Bandeja

This is one of the most difficult shots in the game. If you can learn how to effectively swing La Bandeja, you’ll have a great advantage against your opponents. This is a strike you want to take immediately. Between attack and defense, it allows you to respond from the net.

Identify the ball and move back as soon as you see your opponent hitting a lob, get ready to take the shot immediately. Take your racket high and make contact with the ball in front of your body. Allow enough space between you and the ball to take a proper strike with a slice. Get back into your ready position as soon as you hit the ball, keeping you at the net.


La Vibora

If your smash is falling short of power, try playing La Vibrora. This is a shot in between La Bandeja and Smash and ideal for pressing your opponent or defining a point.

Bring the racket behind your head. Keep your elbow bent and rotate with your upper body and hit the ball around the outside of it to create a spinning motion, making it very difficult for your opponent to hit back.

La Chiquita

This soft shot is best used when your opponents are ready to attack. Once they receive the ball, they’ll be forced to hit the ball well below the net height. Hit the ball when you have space from your opponents rather than when they’re close to the net. When you hit an ideal Chiquita you’ll force the sender to respond with a volley, making it easier for you to return aggressively or with a lob, depending on the space you have.

Becoming competent enough to know when to play La Bandeja or Smash comes with time. The opportunity to elevate your approach and improve your overall game is now available at Stockholm’s finest Padel club - NK Social & Padel by Ascaro. Book your court today.

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