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Top 5 powerful women dominating padel in 2021

Jul 22, 2021

Top 5 powerful women dominating padel in 2021

The best way to improve your padel game is by watching the world’s top players. With our eye on the explosive women’s circuit, we’ve spotlighted the highest-ranked female hitters according to the World Padel Tour.

1. Gemma Triay

The 2020 season was hit hard by Gemma Triay. Her enhanced level and focus rewarded her with the title of top ranked player 2021. Crossing over from professional tennis, Triay launched her padel career in 2013 and quickly rose to the top of the Catalan padel circuit, taking 2nd place title in 2017. At the close of 2020, Triay announced her new partner for the 2021 season; Alejandra Salazar Bangoecha, also a star on the court and ranked number 4 on the WPT. The couple share the title “dangerous” due to their combined skill and technique.

2. Ariana Sanchez Fallara

Barcelona-based Ariana (Ari) Sanchez Fallara, coupled up with Marta Ortega in the amateur circuit before going professional. Today, Ari is one of the best players on the court and it’s her explosiveness that keeps padel fans on the edge of their seats. Ari and 2021 partner, Paula Josemaria Martin are driven by their speed and power. The unstoppable pair started the season as third in the ranking. Sanchez has won 8 consecutive titles since her start and is set to continue on her upward trajectory.

3. Lucia Sainz Pelegri

At the young age of 5 Lucia has one of the earliest starts known to racket sports. Also venturing into padel at an early age, it wasn’t until 2010 that she became a professional padel player. With 16 consecutive victories, this year, the left-handed player started the season with partner and player 10 in World Padel Tour, Beatriz Gonzalez Fernandez. Known for her creativity, drive and experience Sainz continues to climb to the top.

4. Alejandra Salazar Bengoechea

Winner of the Estrella Damm Alicante Open in 2021, Alejandra (Ale) started the season with a bang taking home 1000 points. Ale began her winning streak in 2015, with then partner Ariana Sanchez. Since professionally hitting her first ball, Salazar Bengoecha has accumulated 255 wins with 16 of them reached consecutively. Now she’s partnered with World Padel Tour’s number one player, Gemma Triay and the two powerful women are committed to owning the rest of the season.

5. Marta Marrero Marrero

The former tennis player got into the sport three years before she hung up her professional tennis racket in 2013. Marta has won 255 of the 290 padel matches ever played, ranking her number 5 among all professional World Padel Tour players. The Spaniard has won many titles with 7th best ranking player, Marta Ortega Gallego. Winning the best female couple in 2019, ‘las Martas’ dominated the women’s circuit playing and owning most games of any other couple that year. Marrero plays with power and strength, and is currently one of the most featured players of 20 x 10.

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